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Tufted Rugs

One of the trends in soft floor covering the rug specialist should be aware of is the hand-tufted rug. This rug has become very popular in the last 20 years, and varies widely in design, color and quality.The process is as follows- first, a plain-woven cotton foundation material is stretched over a frame. A design is sketched on this cotton primary backing, and a hand-held pneumatic tufting gun is used to insert the face yarns After tufting, the rug is removed from the frame and placed pile-side down on the floor. A coating of latex is applied, after which a secondary backing may be applied directly on the wet latex to give dimensional stability to the rug and provide protection from scratches on wood floors. Alternatively, after the latex is dry, a cotton cloth may be sewn over the back.

This process comes with several cleaning concerns.

  1. Stencil bleeding. Look on the back of the rugs. Many times the red or blue stencil will have already bled into the secondary backing.
  2. Color run. The cotton rugs will be more susceptible to bleeding when cleaned than the wool faced rugs.
  3.  Water stains on the back from spills or pet urine can be impossible to remove.
  4. Latex decay. In contemporary rugs, the latex used to secure the secondary backing to the primary backing breaks down over time and leaves a powdery residue on the floor.  Latex decay can also cause the rug to lose dimensional stability.
  5. Pulled places and voids. The hook rugs are made with long, continuous yarns that are looped in the foundation. An animal or foot traffic can catch one of the loops and unravel an area of the rug.
  6. Hems can come unsewn or unglued.
  7. The fringe may come unglued.
  8. At The Rug Cleaning Centre you can be assured we will take all of these concerns into account when deciding on the best method of cleaning your rug


Contemporary Hand Tufted rug

Contemporary Hand Tufted rug