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Cotton Rugs

Cotton and rayon are rarely used in wall-to-wall carpet, but are often found in area rugs. These fibres offer a soft hand and provide beautiful coloration.

Both cotton and rayon are relatively inexpensive fibres, but do have the tendency to absorb large volumes of water during cleaning and dry very slowly. Therefore they must be dried quickly in our 1000rpm centrifuge  to limit the occurrence of browning.

The cleaning method used for cotton and rayon rugs depends on the types of dye used, the finishes applied and the percent of cellulosic fibre content. At the The Rug Cleaning Centre we pre-test all colours in cotton and rayon rugs before proceeding with any cleaning method because both cotton and rayon have the tendency to bleed or colour run.


No matter what type of rug we clean – it all starts with the removal of as much dry soiling as possible with our state of the art dusting machine.

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